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Lianjia POF shrink film properties

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1) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, quality assurance

Using environmentally friendly materials, it will not produce toxic and harmful gases when heat-sealed, and meets US FDA standards;

2) tight sealing, good heat sealing performance

The heat sealing performance is good, the heat sealing range is wide, and the low temperature sealing property is good;

3) High shrinkage rate and obvious effect

The heat shrinkage rate is >70%, which has the right plasticity for all kinds of special-shaped products, and the package body is natural;

4) sealed package, dustproof and wet

The unique oxygen barrier layer produced by the five-layer composite is airtight, moisture-tight, barrier-resistant, and not easily contaminated with dust;

5) Light and tough, uniform thickness

Light weight, low actual unit cost, strong flexibility, high tensile strength, impact resistance, and not easy to break;

6) Highly transparent and good gloss

High transparency and good gloss, which can improve product packaging grade;

7) Cold resistance, good low temperature performance

It can remain soft at low temperature to minus 20 degrees Celsius, will not be hard and brittle, has good low temperature resistance and is not easy to age;

8) Excellent heat sealing performance and easy packaging

It has good heat sealability, easy operation and is not easy to break the film. It can be perfectly adapted to low speed and high speed packaging.

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