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How to deal with the insufficient heat seal strength of pof shrink film

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The transparency of pof shrink film is relatively high. The product wrapped with shrink film can clearly display the product and improve the grade of the product. However, the pof shrink film also has insufficient heat sealing strength. The pof shrink film manufacturer teaches you how to deal with it.

     First, heat sealing pressure. In order to ensure the heat-sealing strength of the pof shrink film, it is also necessary to ensure the pressure. In the heat-sealing process, the heat-sealing pressure is required to be moderate, and the uneven pressure causes bubbles to be generated in the heat-sealed portion.

     Second, heat sealing time. The hot air time is determined by the machine speed. When the heat sealing temperature is constant, the longer the heat sealing time, the stronger the bonding between the heat sealing layers, but the wrinkles may occur when the heat sealing layer is too long.

     Third, heat sealing temperature. Pof shrink film manufacturers tell you that temperature has a great influence on the pof shrink film. It is recommended that you adjust the temperature to the half-fusion temperature of the pof shrink film. The temperature overheat will melt the pof shrink film.

     In the case of insufficient heat seal strength, we can take the above countermeasures. I believe we can help you. We are pof shrink film manufacturers. Welcome everyone to buy pof shrink film.

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